Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ZC Girl : Muriel

Let's face it. I don't usually post or updates upcoming products. I'm not those blogger that wanna fill up their blog with content just so people will visit them more and make their blog look famous.

But I really have to post this upcoming figure from ZC Girl. The last ZC Girl which actually got me excited is Rosanna the Biker Girl (which still melt me).

Behold - Muriel... (twin sister of Meryl of MGS series). Joke aside, knowing ZC Girl wouldn't pay tonnes for MGS licencing, they'll just rip off the design and some added gears and voila !! An affordable figure which everyone dying for (at least for me)

I do agree ZC Girls' QC have huge issue especially their tainted skin due the colorations of the fabric stick on the body.

actual look of Meryl - Metal Gear Solid 4

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