Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soldier Story - PMC Instructor

Soldier Story had done it again with a "marvel"ous release with the best Headsculpt to date under their belt. The likeliness of Obidiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) in Iron Man were without a doubt - uncanny.

This release also rises tonnes of critics as well. Reason behind was the lack of gears while price was tagged as regular full lot accessories releases. The headculpt was great but was rather tad abit small for the regulars.

As my blog readers (if any), you should have knew that I don't really like to display an OOB (out-of-box) figure. Same case as this figure, I've tweak and replaced some parts out. The very obvious was the pants and boots. It was abit too fashionable for a PMC instructor. Although in reality, those wears does exist but it just isn't a way to go for a warmonger.

So I've swapped him with a regular straight cut jeans and an ol' skool boots. Stealing ideas from a fellow basher CRAVE. I've adopt his style by giving a beanie hat and a fanny pack (waist pouch).

The 56-type rifle is just awesome. Fully diecast with working gimmick even on of the mag works like the real thing , where you can slot-in brass bullets. Too bad the thing can't fire any projectiles yet - but give it time.

I've taken out the grey polo shirt as well as it will add too much proportions to his look.

The TAD Stealth Hoodie Jacket also another great addition. The material use was thin and hang on naturally. The only nag I have was the wrist Velcro which kinda hard to stick on.

TAD Gear Bandoleer was another new experience to me. It fitted nicely and the 3 mag pouches hanging on perfectly.

Overall, this set was great but if the price tag could be lowered - it'll be a total sellout for sure. Still I'm loving this set as the swapped out parts I've recycled them into another bash.

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The Rebel said...

Wow! This looks better after you tweaked them!

Nice work!