Sunday, September 20, 2009

US NAVY SEAL [woodland ver.]

This operative was originally bashes as TotS (Tears of the Sun) Lieutenant A.K. Waters. It wasn't such a complete bash back then and I always aware of it and never satisfied with it until one day a light bulb appeared atop my head.

Using some old and new parts, I've revamped the bash into a regular US NAVY SEALs in woodland gears. Which actually turn out to be just fine. I've been bashing whole lot of SEALs and this will be my first woodland down the road.

Here's the parts break down for your easy reference:-

Base Body : - Hot Toys
Headsculpt : - Very Hot
Hands : - BBi G3
Feet : - Hot Toys
Woodland BDU : - ACE
Woodland Bonnie Hat : - Hot Toys
Gloves : - Very Hot
Boots : - DiD
Harness : - BBi
Belt : - ACE
Mag Pouches : - DML
Canteens : - ACE
Buttpack : - Saturday Toys
Drogleg pouch : - ACE
M4 w/ g.launcher : - Hot Toys
M4 mags (inside pouches) : - Playhouse
Dropleg holster w/ M9 : - ACE
NVG Goggles : - Hot Toys
Tactical knife w/ sheath : - BBi
Radio : - BBi

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